Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bush's Plan for Poverty

George W. Bush threw out the first pitch at the Braves/Nationals game tonight. I was surprised how many people booed him--surprised, but not displeased.

The commentators had him up in the booth during the game to talk baseball. That's not a bad idea--I mean, he owned the Rangers, even if they were pretty terrible when he owned them. (Side note: He claims to like both the Rangers and the Astros--isn't that a bit like liking both the Mets and the Yankees?)

Anyway, he got serious during the broadcast and suggested that we need to get baseball programs back into "our inner cities" so that the kids there will have a way out of the ghetto.

Really? Is that your plan? Increase the odds of inner-city kids playing professional sports? Maybe we should just create 10 or 15 new sports so that everyone can get out of the ghetto!


distractedblues said...

Yeah, his phrasing there was the usual jumble of Bush League confusion. That said, lots of baseball-related people have expressed similar sentiments about helping baseball make a comeback in the inner city, though the direct "escape" factor doesn't usually take the forefront.

Michial said...

I wonder how the rednecks feel about that idea (that and Willie Nelson's beard). Baseball's pretty much the only sport other than hockey that isn't completely dominated by African Americans. There are still a lot of good old boys on the field--and yes, I'm talking about Chipper Jones.