Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lackthereof, "Last November" (#9)

"Last November"
(Danny Seim)
Your Anchor

Lackthereof was never a pop band. I have a few of their records, and at the best they're mildly catchy--but more often they're awash in reverb and tremelo, as though Danny Seim's home studio were at the bottom of some lake. I'm not sure if it's the influence of Seim's other band, Menomena (themselves a long way from Big Star, let alone Britney Spears), but he has a melodic breakthrough all throughout Your Anchor, and it's most visible on "Last November."

The verses sound like prototypical Lackthereof--the droning organ, the crisp drums, and the double-tracked, mumbling vocals. But then the chorus kicks in, and for once it's a chorus you can sing along with: "Going going going going going." Sure, it doesn't say anything concrete, but it's clear and open and backed by U2 guitars. I like it.

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